Network of Family, Equal Opportunity and Volunteer Houses

The XV. article of the Fundamental Law of Hungary declares: “By means of separate measures, Hungary shall promote the achievement of equality of opportunity and social inclusion”. Besides that, the Act CXXV of 2003 on Equal Treatment and Promotion of Equal Opportunities states in its preamble that the promotion of equal opportunities is principally the duty of the State. In terms of this obligation the Network of Family, Equal Opportunity and Volunteer Houses is operating throughout the country.
The Network of Family, Equal Opportunity and Volunteer Houses is a nation-wide series of county centres which represents social policy goals of the Government at the local level, helps the cooperation and networking among local NGOs and other stakeholders of disadvantaged social groups, enhance the consideration of social policy goals and the work of these organizations at the local decision-making processes, battle against the existing prejudices in the wider society concerning disadvantaged social groups, and push to strengthen the spirit of tolerance in general.
The Network consists of 19 county offices and one in the capital, Budapest. At the centre of the offices’ work the following discriminatory dimensions, factors causing disadvantaged position stand: disabilities, gender, age (with special focus on youth and the elderly), deep poverty (especially the Roma, children, and ones live in deprived regions). Besides that there is a strong emphasis on families. The most important mission of the offices is to take actions against segregation and discrimination, to lower the level of opportunity differences, and to shape public discourse to combat prevailing prejudices in society and enforce social solidarity.
In relation to voluntarisms the Houses organise large voluntary activity campaing events.
You may find further information on the NFEOVH on this page.

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