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Why Is Volunteering Important?

Volunteering is such an activity that best represents social solidarity; it is driven by the will to support others and it is characterized by giving aid for those in need, for the disabled, for the elderly and for anyone who need it, without the expectation of gaining anything in return.
Volunteering provides people with equality of opportunities as it helps people to gain experiences as young professionals, or even it helps mothers to return to the workforce after taking a longer maternal leave. It can also benefit the elderly by giving them the chance to spend their days actively; helping the society, sharing their wisdom with others and giving back to the people what they have learnt and received throughout their lives.
Hungarians have on several occasions proven their solidarity in the field of volunteer working. The red sludge disaster of 4 Octobre 2010, the catastrophic snow situation of 15 March 2013, or even the flooding in June 2013 resulted in creating strong group-bonds and better group-cohesions, which was unparalleled in Hungary’s recent history. People from all over the country were eager to help those in need, without expecting anything in return, acknowledging the tragedy of the situation of the hurt, which created even stronger bonds within groups and the whole society, and it also gave proof for the willingness for solidarity amongst Hungarians.

Public Interest Service: One possible form of engaging in volunteer work is by engaging in public interest service. The fundamental rules of this kind of activity is regulated by the law of LXXXVIII, 2005, which also clarifies the definition of volunteer work alongside defining public interest service. This law gave prestige and status for volunteers and it also gave guidance for organizations that employ volunteers, as it specifically declares the possibilities for compensation (such as taxing and its related fees). Other forms of volunteer work engagement and employment are possible, that are not defined by law. However, an organization which employs volunteers can only provide adjusted contributions – with no taxing charges for the volunteers- if according to the law, they register their organization for the record of public interest service providing organizations. Further information about the record of public interest service providing organizations (such as the list of registered organizations, the steps of registering an organization, the required format for registering, the template to be filled out for registering etc.) can be found on the Civil Information Portal (on the menu list of right hand side).

What does this website give to an organisation?

This website functions as a portal in order to link together volunteers with the employer organizations, which could enhance the engagement in volunteer activities in the country and could also make it much easier to approach. Furthermore, this website does not simply enhance the work provided by volunteers, but also provides mutually beneficial service for the employer organizations. This page can help fulfill many roles of the organization, and can also help in ensuring a more diverse atmosphere, and more opportunities for the organizations to learn from them and see more. By registering to the website Your organization can advertise and promote volunteer positions, or even can find volunteers individually for specific positions, from a list of registered volunteers from all over the country.
Most importantly, this page serves the purpose of making volunteer engagement more widespread in the country, as well as to enhance the available volunteer opportunities abroad. In case Your institution wishes to recruit volunteers and advertise volunteer positions on this website, please feel free to turn to our administrator group by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Further information of the process of registration can be found under the INFORMATION section of the menu.


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