Information on voluntarism


Why should I volunteer?
Volunteering is one of the most important tools that build social cohesion and solidarity amongst people. It is an activity carried out by somebody of their own free will, by their own decision and motivation, without any intention of gaining financial profit for themselves. It is an action for the benefit of another person or other people, or for the community at large.

Volunteering is also important in terms of personal gains, as it contributes to becoming a responsible adult by providing challenges, multifarious working experiences, opportunities for building social networks as well as it gives recreational experiences. Further social gains, such as public participation, can be achieved through volunteering, as this way of civil engagement helps develop self-confidence, builds strong communities, gives new friends and helps people with integration. The experiences gained by volunteering can make people more tolerant, flexible and open-minded, which qualities contribute to the elimination of preconceptions.

Volunteering may also contribute to gaining further competencies and skills that could be crucial for young school leavers or even for mothers returning to the workforce after long maternal leaves. Furthermore, getting involved with volunteering could help the (re)integration of the disabled, the uncertain or the leavers of profession to the workforce.
Alongside, volunteering provides an opportunity for those who wish to engage with community involvement during their years of retirement.

Why is volunteering important?
Volunteering has a unique quality which distinguishes it from other paid employment. It is the kind of human resource that on one hand contributes to moral, social and cultural development, on the other it contributes the economic- national income – strengthening.

What kind of volunteering opportunities exist?
Volunteering has a lot of forms: beginning with the smallest, self-motivated, non-profit oriented help given for others, to the large-scaled, mass organized actions for the common good. At the same time, any kind of experience acquired through non-payed work, and through long-term engagement can be considered as volunteering. In Hungary, the law of Public Interest Volunteering was carried out, which is yet another form of volunteer engagement, in order to achieve public goals and to mobilize volunteers more efficiently.

Why should I register?
This website serves the purpose of providing easily accessible and readily available volunteering opportunities for those who would like to contribute to social welfare. Registration to the website gives a chance for finding the most suitable volunteering opportunities, and it also provides background information on the key things one has to be aware of when engaging with volunteer work.
More information can be found about volunteering and the steps of registering by clicking at the INFORMATION button.

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