Volunteer Centers

An essential pre-condition for increasing volunteerism in Hungary was to develop and reinforce the range of service and development organisations, accepted and supported by local society, which concentrate primarily on the development of volunteerism at a local level. Accordingly, the “TÁMOP 5.5.2/09/01 Component A” project was announced, which brought about the creation of a national volunteer centre, with responsibility for providing the professional background for the field and for coordinating county centres. In continuation of the above project, “Component B” led to the establishment of volunteer centres in each county, covering the whole country, which are responsible for implementing professional programmes in the field of volunteerism, taking local conditions and demands into consideration. The centres set up under the programme formed the infrastructural basis for volunteerism in Hungary, and function by informing society about volunteering and creating opportunities for anybody to get involved in voluntary activities. Since the county centres have been operating, there has been a tangible increase in the recognition of volunteerism in society, media interest in the field has grown, and the positive message of volunteering has been able to reach more people than ever.

The program period of the volunteer centers has been experied thus nowdays they operate with altering intensity. Before personally visit these institutions, please make inquires on the details of the customer service on the given contacts.

You may find further information on the centers HERE.