Volunteer Points

Following on from the programmes TÁMOP 5.5.2-09/1, TÁMOP 5.5.2-09/2, TÁMOP 5.5.2-09/3 and TÁMOP 5.5.2-10/4, 2011 saw the announcement of tender TÁMOP 5.5.2-11/1 and 11/2, titled “Spreading volunteerism”, with the aim of increasing willingness among the adult population to take part in volunteer activities, of raising the general social attitude towards volunteering, and of thereby making volunteering more popular at the local and regional level. The tender also offered opportunities for bottom-up local initiatives to receive support, which ensure, through the implementation of ever more good examples, increasing awareness among the adult population of the usefulness of volunteering, either as a volunteer or as a beneficiary of the services provided by the volunteer programme. The project provided for “Volunteer Points” to be set up, which made it possible for people living in areas that are further away from the county centres to make themselves familiar with volunteer work and with the opportunities it offers.
Between 2011-2013 102 organisations received founding for setting up Volunteer Points. The program period has been experied thus nowdays they operate with altering intensity. Before personally visit these institutions, please make inquires on the details of the customer service on the given contacts.


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